2011 Person of the Year

Style’s Inaugural Award Winner and Fellow Nominees
Profiles Written by Melisa Giordano Roden

Ashley Campbell

ABOUT ASHLEY:  Although Ashley Campbell is only in her mid-20s, she has already experienced more than most women dream of. For starters, she played the part of “Sleeping Beauty” at Disneyland when she was 20. “For most women, working at Disneyland was just the first step to a larger dream,” says Ashley, “but for me it was the finale – a dream come true.”

Now, Ashley has turned her passion into a business – Enchanted Parties. She and four other “girls” can be hired to play famous princesses and put on a party with all the frills, including arts and crafts, singing and teaching. Yes, teaching. As a proud mom of two, Ashley reinforces important life lessons, such as health/dental care and getting along with siblings at her parties. “The words of a favorite princess seem to have a strong impact on a child,” she says.

Ashley extends her love for helping kids and moms to the community. For her church, she recently started Wee Glee, a youth choir for children. She also started their Young Mom’s Ministry to give moms a break and a chance to socialize. Outside of church, Ashley is the youngest member of Roseville Soroptimists, where she has dedicated herself for several years to numerous community service endeavors.

“I was really shocked about being nominated for this award, because other people around me seem to do so much more,” says Campbell. “Then I started thinking it was pretty neat because I could help represent young moms and show them it’s possible to be involved in a lot by sometimes being the finger and not always the backbone. For example, before becoming a mom I would always try to chair committees, but now I often take a smaller role – something I can do at night when the kids go to bed.

Aside from volunteering, one of the ways Campbell feels she truly gets a “pulse” on the needs of the community is through her and her husband’s business, Campelli’s Pizza. Since opening in 2008, she says the restaurant has afforded them “a unique opportunity to serve everyone, know everyone and get connected. Owning a business in a town like this has been life-changing.”

In Campbell’s case, it’s obvious to see that young in years, does not necessarily equate to young in wisdom. Owning two businesses, raising a family, devoting herself to a loving marriage and diving in wherever possible to help the community she proves that dreaming is important, but it truly comes down to the doing. “I’m the fearless, go-for-it type,” says Campbell. “I believe that if something is there, then you should go for it.”

“I was really shocked about being nominated for this award, because other people around me seem to do so much more,” says Campbell humbly.