Campelli’s Pizza

We went to Campelli’s Pizza today for lunch. In the interest of full disclosure, I hadn’t had time to eat breakfast and was ravenously hungry by the time we sat down there, so my opinion of the pizza may have been slightly elevated about normal due to that. ┬áThe pepperoni pizza was great – it was thicker crust (and I’m usually a thin crust girl) but it was worth the carbs with a perfectly chewy texture finished with a crisp bottom.

One cool thing for people with kids – they have a shelf full of kids’ games like Candyland available for customers.

Sorry for the glare. Good to know for local Rosevillians – anytime you order over $50 worth
they will donate 20% back to your choice.

Good idea – Gargoyles to guard the pizza

Pizza makes everything better – even the Mona Lisa

Our pesto crispers appetizer

The pepperoni pizza

Successful pizza transport

Our adorable pizza server

Campelli’s is at 7480 Foothills Blvd Roseville, CA 94747.